Psychotherapy and Counselling for Adults, Youths and Couples

Psychotherapy is a collaborative endeavor between the therapist and the client, where listening, intuition, experience and creativity on both sides bring about new solutions that nobody could think of before.

P1050484New insights and realizations can occur in this safe and nurturing space. They can lead to new energy, skills and actions to deal with the difficulties of life. Emotional healing can take place in an atmosphere of trust and support.

People often start thinking about seeing a psychotherapist when they feel stuck in one or several areas. Overwhelming emotions, tormenting self-critical thoughts, unfulfilling relationships or self-sabotaging behavior patterns can lead to a sense of futility and desperation.

Other  people may not be in a crisis, but feel that their life lacks energy or flow or that they are somehow not “truly alive”.  They want to explore their inner landscape, challenge old beliefs, reconnect with their own values, talents and goals.

Psychotherapy promotes:

  • The expression and integration of difficult emotions
  • Learning to stop the downward spirals of worrying and ruminating
  • Finding a voice to say things that need to be said
  • Gaining insight into the role of apparently meaningless symptoms
  • Using these realizations to find healthier coping strategies
  • Learning to be more gentle and compassionate with oneself
  • Trying out new solutions and strategies to old problems and practicing them
  • Re-membering, re-connecting re-integrating important aspects of the person into a new whole

P1050485In my experience, the combination of psychotherapy and homeopathy can be especially helpful to overcome symptoms of health problems that lie in the intersection of mind and body, like anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Post-traumatic stress disorder is another condition where a combined approach of psychotherapy and homeopathy often shows excellent results. If one of these therapeutic modalities is not enough to stimulate a true healing reaction, they can often initiate a fast recovery when used in synergy.


Training and Approach:

My original training is in-depth psychology and psychodynamic therapy, but over the years I have integrated elements of other therapeutic modalities such as logotherapy, mindfulness based therapy,  brief solution-focused and narrative therapy.  I use elements of these modalities tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual.