Homeopathic Consultations


What happens at my first appointment? 

Anja Troje ConsultationsThe goal of your first appointment is to gather all the information that will lead to a successful homeopathic prescription. Different from case taking in conventional medicine, a homeopathic doctor pays close attention to the all individual symptoms you may experience and express when you are sick. Symptoms and sensations that  are not so common to your disease itself, but rather an expression of your personal reaction to it, will be the pointers to a curative remedy.  These can include all the modalities that may affect your condition like weather influences, certain foods, fluctuations of your symptoms during the day or the year, vaccinations, stress factors in your life, etc.  Beyond your current health problem, the homeopath will also ask you about past illnesses, trauma and how you generally react to factors in your environment.  Any information about yourself and your health situation can be important. The more open and detailed your answers, the easier it is for the homeopathic doctor to choose an effective remedy for you.

What happens after the first consultation? 

After the initial consultation, the homeopath will select a remedy that Anja Troje Consultationsmatches your individual symptoms as closely as possible.  In an acute illness, you will usually receive the homeopathic remedy immediately at the end of an appointment. If you present with a chronic, long-standing health problem, it will take more time to review all your symptoms. You will therefore receive your remedy a few days later.  At the end of the first consultation we will also collaboratively look at other factors in your life that will help you regain your health: According to your needs, you will receive recommendations  regarding diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle choices, fitness, relaxation exercises and more.

How often do I need to take a homeopathic remedy? 

This depends on your individual situation. Sometimes a remedy has to be repeated frequently, but often one single dose is all that is needed to stimulate a healing reaction.


How often do I need to come for follow-up appointments?

Anja Troje ConsultationsFollow-up appointments are very important for the course of your healing process, because they allow the homeopath to fine tune the treatment and change the remedy if necessary. In a chronic condition, a follow-up appointment is usually recommended after 4 to 6 weeks. Further appointments might be necessary, depending on the severity and duration of your health problems. Less complicated problems may require only one follow-up consultation, but if you suffer from a long-standing, complicated condition, you might require a sequence of remedies over the course of several months.  

Do I have to come to the office for a consultation?

Not necessarily. First appointments take usually place in the office, but can also be arranged as a home visit. If you live far away, a first consultation via Skype is an option as well. Follow-up appointments can be done in the office, at your home,  over the phone or via Skype.  For current patients, short consultations per email are another possibility.

How much time do I have to plan for an appointment?

The first consultation for a chronic illness will usually take about 2 to 3 Anja Troje Consultationshours for adult and youth and 1 to 2 hours for children. Follow–up appointments take usually between 30 minutes and 1 hour. For an acute conditions appointments usually last about 30 minutes.