Psychotherapy Sessions

Before you decide to enter into psychotherapy with a therapist it is always a good idea to try out first if it is a good fit for both sides. I therefore recommend that you come for one session and then evaluate your impressions and feelings:

  • Do you feel a sense of trust towards the therapist?
  • Did you feel encouraged to talk about your problems and even share difficult to talk about information?
  • Did you feel relaxed enough during the session, hopeful, inspired, understood?

If you come to the conclusion that working with me is what you want to do after the first session, you can contact me and we will set up a plan. Some people only want to come a few times, or sporadically as needed when they encounter a difficult situation or a trigger from their past, others seek more regular counseling or psychotherapy. After getting to know you, I will recommend what I think would benefit you most from my perspective and we can then find an agreement and come up with a plan for the next few months.

The sessions last usually one hour. If needed, we can set aside more time. For couples and family counseling, I recommend planning a 1.5 hour session, as it takes more time to listen to everybody involved.